Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Cushions II

Inspired by my last attempt, I finished off my last cushion re-coverings. Many thanks to my lovely friend A, who worked out how to attach zipper heads to continuous zippers - not as easy as it sounds!!
The bunting fabric is from Ikea - and also happened to be on sale, so each pillow (two small ones for the spare bed, and one larger one for the lounge) was very reasonably priced.
These two long pillows are the ones of which I'm most proud. I've been in love with the Florence Broadhurst fabric with black and white horses for such a long time (recently re-inspired here), but at $143/metre, I knew that wasn't an option for me at the moment. But on the website, you can buy an A4 sample of the fabric for $7 each... So I bought the horse stampede sample and the green sample above, and am enjoying have some Florence Broadhurst in my life! (Is it just me, or is it even nicer when you know it was inexpensive?!)


  1. They're fab!! Great idea buying the A4 samples. I buy fat quarters of material I love on eBay and use them for little projects. Well, that's when I actually get the projects done!! I am finally finishing the bunting I started for my boys January 2009!

  2. hey, they look awesome.. especially the little 'horses stampede' sofa one :) thanks for the link. & what do you mean you paid $7 for a sample?? they send them to archies and interior designers for free. what are your favourite 3? let me know :)

  3. The pony pillow is my favourite! Ponies... on a pillow! More ponies would be too much anyway- and besides, they might buck and throw you off mid-recline. Xx


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