Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More label downloads

Are these delicious? Download them here from a print a day. They also fit in to my current 'recessionista' phase, where i"m trying to cut down on spending money. I told my grandma about this, and she said, "Ah yes, an economy campaign." I realised that she's been through more than one of these, which made me feel oddly ok.

As another part of my personal economy campaign, I am loving these podcasts from 'All Songs Considered - Live Concerts' on NPR. You can download them for free on iTunes, and they are full-length audio of concerts - the recent Antony and the Johnsons one is superb.

Anyone have any other cheap and cheerful tips?


  1. 1. I have a friend who for a long time has thrived on buying her wardrobe from op shops. And I must say for a teenager she has a classy fashion sense - very 60s orientated. So ultimately she can have a large wardrobe filled with great stuff and still have a lot of money saved.

    2. Save money usually spent at the hairdresser, and grow your hair long.

    3. If you have a pair of jeans that look old but are still good quality, simply re-dye it to make the pair look brand new.

  2. Stay in and rewatch old DVDs!

    (of course my suggestion had to be film oriented!).

    Another idea borrowed from friends is called "Exquisite Dinners". Essentially you get a group together and throw a series of dinner parties - each person (or couple) hosting one. It's miles cheaper than going out to dinner, you get to see your friends throughout the year, and it sounds like loads of fun to boot!


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