Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Butterfly Wall Decorations

Since I've been having some trouble getting used to the blank white walls in our apartment, I had to think up inventive ways to bring the fun without using hooks or paint.

Voila - paper butterflies!

Last night, I cut up some old out-of-date atlases I own (yes, I chop books) into butterfly shapes, stitched them together and now I think they bring some colour and whimsy to a boring wall. They're a bit fiddly, but surprisingly quick to make.

The Pal really likes them. But I wonder what he'd think if the whole house was covered in them by this weekend?


  1. You continue to astound me, Kate!

    They're gorgeous!

  2. Delightful! You such a do-er. I hope Ben doesn't take note of this post. The only thing flying off our walls are my to-do lists and updated timetables.

  3. Ha ha - thanks. I am a do-er, sometimes I'm also a not-do-er... :)

  4. My boyfriend found this post and he made 7 butterflies for me; one for each month we were together. I'm leaving for university in 2 weeks and he said that he'll keep making them for me when I'm away :)


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