Thursday, March 5, 2009

Herve Leroux

I took the above photo when I was last in Paris, running past the boutique to have dinner with friends at the delicious 'Au 35', Rue Jacob on the left bank. I thought it to be the most perfect dress in the world. Now I have looked at the Herve Leroux website, I think this dress has cute friends that I also would love to own.

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  1. Sigh...

    Did we finally agree on who had first dibs on this dress if we were ever in the situation where only one of us could wear it to a premiere, acceptance speech, our wedding etc before it melted?

  2. Um, this is an interesting point! In the interests of still being frieds, I say we both can?!

  3. That first one is the perfect dress to wear to a high-stakes poker game at a private club, the kind where you also wear diamonds and carry a cigarette holder. Love it.


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