Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Glimpses of My Place

This is a bit nervewracking, but after seeing our empty apartment, I thought you might want to see where we're up to in the decorating/arranging furniture effort. Well, the long-awaited couch and ottoman have arrived! This is the very first grown-up piece of furniture (and indeed, major joint purchase) that the Pal and I have - we are very excited about it. The Pal would, I'm sure, like me to point out that in the right hand corner, you can see the Apple TV, Apple speaker and modem that he has painstakingly set-up.

As for me, I would like to point out that I have about five more boxes of books still in storage. Ahem. This may go some way to explaining that I signed up for the library yesterday!

The view from the lounge. It's water! It is very pretty in real life - nice and breezy, too.


  1. Those bookshelves are something from fantasy land. All you need is a ladder to scoot along them and you'll be in heaven!

    Love it!

    P.s. I like the dumbells, casually lying on the floor... yours? or The Pal's?

  2. Thank you! It's pretty close to my grown-up fantasy land :)

    The dumbells are definitely not mine! But they do add a certain je ne sais crois...



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