Monday, February 23, 2009

Is This Forever? Is This Reality?

Please watch this and tell me you didn't laugh for hours. Oh my goodness.


  1. LOL

    Oh dear lord! That brings back memories. I was once tragically out of it after having my wisdom teeth removed after taking a 'daylight' tablet. I thought I was coping well but was apparently lolling about. But the nasty bit was when the drug wore off and I went through withdrawal.

  2. This made me cry laughing. I have been there*, after all four wisdom teeth out on the chair, when I was saying all sorts of loose stuff and topping it off with blood bubbles. Then I had a massive come-down while watching Man on the Moon. I could not cope with the ending at all and am still mildly sad about it.

    *but a lot older...Is it normal for a little fella to be drugged that heavily for any procedure at the dentist?

    Thanks for sharing! x x x

  3. Isn't it hilarious? I keep saying, in a tired and boy-like way, "is this forever"? The Pal joins in, too.


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