Sunday, May 29, 2011

Screenprinting Course

Maria and I went to a screenprinting course on Saturday and had a great time. It turns out that screenprinting is really hard! Above is my tea towel. I tried to channel Kylie but in the end I borrowed Maria's Paul Klee book and used him as the background.
Some neon pink rain drops popped up in the middle...
...and Maria's paper planes made an appearance on the corner.
And then this little circle hung out at the top.

A great day of crafting - an extremely tricky skill, this screenprinting, but I'm excited to try more.


  1. It looks pretty cool! But I have heard screenprinting is hard.

  2. I like your lovely tea towel a lot :)

  3. That looks really really good, I'm going to have a. Crack at screen printing soon too. ( at Thea & Sami ).

  4. love those paper planes! too cute. x


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