Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bath time

When I first saw this bathtub, I thought there was a cheese plate on that middle wooden board, and immediately thought, "that is the best idea, ever!" Alas, I think it's a pretty board of soaps and pumice stones - some would say things that are more suited to a bath... But the cheese plate is one I'm keeping for a rainy day/when I next live somewhere with a bath.


  1. I will know I have succeeded as a person when I have a house with a bath. After moving day, I will light candles, slip into the bubbles, drink a delightful glass of pinot gris and be perfectly happy.

  2. How much, where, how etc.

    I must have this. Must. x

  3. ha, as sensible as a board for soaps etc is, i still like the way you think =)

    happy blog birthday too!

  4. Add some scented bubbles, candles and you have the perfect setting. Ahhh, great post.



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