Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Send More Mail

Have you seen this lovely blog called Send More Mail? It has made me want to trawl through and find all my old stamps and buy more and, perhaps intuitively, send more mail. Send letters, my blogging friends! Buy old fashioned stamps and stick them to paper and post away!

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  1. glad to have found you via send more mail! beautiful blog...

  2. Oh I really love Send More Mail. Her photos are beautiful and her stamp packs are brilliant.
    You have a pretty sweet blog yourself. Now to go snoop around ;)
    Hope you have a wonderfully creative rest of your week.
    Much Love,

  3. Why thank you! Very glad you like mail and this little blog :)

  4. I just got mail from you today! It's perfect. And I am still very much a snail mail sender myself! I think the local PO think I'm a real curiosity. x


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