Monday, February 21, 2011

House out on the Sea

Oh my! What a great house for a Tuesday. When everything gets too much, imagine escaping home to this little beauty!

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  1. Nice house. You could build it in Indoneia that has at least 13,000 islands.

  2. That looks amazing! It's a place where you can just look through the ocean and unwind. Going to the beach is one of the things that I'd love to do to release my stress. My husband bought me a beach house so that it will be easier for us to escape whenever we're stressed out. I'm enjoying our every moment there. I love decorating every room, our wrought iron stairs and windows, everything! We really find time to relax our minds and do these stuff.

  3. What a nice home! Looks like a beautiful pearl in the heart of the sea. I wish you could show us more of your home so that I'll have more inspiration in redecorating my own home in Arlington. Doors and windows are one stuff that we want to replace, and I'm also planning to buy new furnishings and new doors here in Arlington too.


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