Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dream House

You know when you see some photographs and they line up everything you like in a way you didn't imagine? These shots made me think, "YES! This is what I meant!" I have so many ingredients from these pics (the wooden floors, the blue/grey couch, the boxy bookcase,) and I just love them. I'm going to use these as house inspiration for the next little while. (And those WINDOWS! Amazeballs.)
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  1. OK, you can live there if you let me visit on weekends. (Love that couch!)

  2. I am one of those annoying friends who checks your blog daily and loves it lots, but has never actually commented. But today you have used such an awesome word that I am compelled to break the commentless drought.

    My new favourite word? AMAZEBALLS!

  3. Ha! I'm glad Charmaine likes "amazeballs"as much as me - you make me giggle.

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  5. I love the rooms you posted and using other people's houses for inspiration. I want to do this more too!



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