Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reading Nooks

These stunning reading nooks on Black Eiffel evoke such peaceful calm. It seems pretty decadent to have a reserved place for reading, but pretty awe-inspiring, too. Sigh. A reading nook, in the sun, with a warm cup of tea or cool glass of water. Delightful.

Speaking of tea, I recently tried some incredible Turkish apple tea - have any of you tried to make it?


  1. I love these. Tis my dream to have a reading nook that no one else in my family clutters with their crap! A gal can dream no? ;)

  2. Oh my... intense feelings of longing... I'd love a reading nook like these. Thanks for sharing these Kate :) Kx

  3. Sorry... meant to say (but got lost in dreams of reading nooks!)... my hubby makes a mean Turkish Mint Tea. Thanks for the new tea recipe! Kx

  4. Can't wait until I'm a real person with my own home complete with a reading nook and books galore. The tea recipe is great!


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