Sunday, October 10, 2010

50 Centaur

Internet, a confession. Sometimes wedding planning makes you a little bit crazy.

I can't wait to be married, but I also can't wait for the admin to be over! Run sheets, late rsvps, additional rsvps (Oh! My partner and I would love to come! Hmm, didn't invite partner...), additional invite requests, menu changes, general complaints/suggests for changes all contributed to me having hilarious wedding dreams. Like the one where I was walking down the aisle with my laptop, because I hadn't had time to edit our vows. Quelle romance. Or the one where every woman at the wedding was wearing a wedding dress. That was a doozy.

So this was the best image to describe my mental state for the day. Oh yeah. And I admit I giggled at it for quite a while. Enjoy!

(Normal transmission to resume soon! Promise!)

(Note to all friends who are reading this: I am actually fine, but looking forward to being excited once all the boring leg work has been done.)


  1. Ha ha! That is funny - your dreams are funnier though :)) Hope your friend who's bringing her uninvited partner isn't reading! ;) Kx

  2. Ha - thanks Kylie! No, it was a colleague of the Pal's... Not impressed, colleague! (But have now accepted it with good grace :) )

  3. Ah the delights. My best dream was that the hair dresser did a Top Model makeover on me and shaved my head, because it would be 'fierce'. And then couldn't find a way to attach my veil to my head. I think I also liked the rsvps we got which said 'and can we have a high chair at the table?' All I can say is Rescue Remedy is your friend. Drink it in shots and keep laughing at the little things... it will be wonderful.


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