Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Housie Finds

I have been meaning to show some more photos of our apartment, but it has been a long time coming. Thankfully, some new finds have propelled me into a post! A grandiose mansion across the road from us has just been sold, and the old owners are constantly leaving items on the roadside in an effort to clean up before they move. Happily, I keep driving past at very opportune times: last weekend I scored the awesome framed Beatles poster (J'adore les Beatles!) and then last night, the round mirror.
I keep wondering whether they were hung nearby in the house, as I love how the circles in each seem to echo each other.
I also have a perverse LOVE of finding things on the side of the road. I always slow down near piles of things (much to the Pal's chagrin) in the hope of finding an Eames sideboard or mid-century chair. I have found some lovelies in the past and these are pretty high on the list.

And the Pal likes them, too.


  1. Great finds! I love finding things on the street too, it drives my hubbie mad the way my head can swivel 180 degrees like an owl every time we pass a pile of "rubbish" as he calls it! Last week neighbours left out a wooden tv cabinet in pristine condition but it was too heavy for me and by the time my hubbie got home it had been taken, i was gutted, I would have painted it, put little baskets in the side shelves for hats etc and brass hooks where the tv would have been for hanging library bags, raincoats etc and used it as a fab hall cabinet. Oh well, the one that got away!

  2. I love it too... unfortunately I don't drive so it has to be pick-up-able or at the very least drag-able! ;) We always put out on the pavement any furniture we don't want anymore and it always disappears within 24 hrs - it's magic! One night I woke up to a bus idling out the front and had a peek through the windows to see the bus driver loading our furniture onto the bus! (Must have been his last last run!) Have fun with your new gorgeous finds :) Kx

  3. Oh a good neighbourhood for on the street finds - my dining chairs are from the side of the road plus my "never finished" Tee Vee lamp! I love the circular might find me sitting outside (well opposite) your house soon!


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