Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neck Pillow and Support

Last week I had a bulged disc in my neck which was incredibly painful. The whole time I was lying on my back, I craved a warm pack that was long enough to drape around my neck, keeping it warm.

As soon as I was able, I got to my machine, grabbed some favourite scraps from a current WIP and made a long neck pillow. I filled it with rice and a few drops of lavender oil, and heat it in the microwave when I need it. It is my new favourite thing!


  1. What happy looking neck pillow! I tend to use icepacks on my stupid spine, otherwise I'd be begging for a super cute lumber pillow :)

  2. So gorgeous, you should add this to your gorgeous store.

  3. Back in blog land! This is perfect. I have a dodgy disc in the middle of my back that flares up at the end of each chapter! I have a trusty koala to heat up, but yours is way sweeter.

    Big hugs and hope neck is no longer on the fritz.


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