Thursday, October 8, 2009

Etsy Giveaway: Revealed!

Butterflies getting ready to fly away to new owners.

After a delightful response to my giveaway, I used a random number generator and the winner is:

LPC who said: "Congratulations Kate. You know I think your stuff is super-cute. I agree, especially the map work."

Thank you LPC! Hurrah!

Please get in touch with me on etsy with what you'd like to order and I shall post it out to you!

I should say here that I had a number of entries who found me via a website which trawls the internet for giveaways from small time bloggers and Etsy store owners like myself. Without sounding too grouchy about it, (I know, it's free publicity and traffic to my site), I was unimpressed when people would write entries about how much they loved my shop and have read my blog for ages - when I can see that they just found it a minute ago and went straight to the giveaway post! I guess I don't mind them entering, but don't be disingenuous about it!! Do you have any thoughts on the subject, dear readers?


  1. Oh hooray! So excited! And vintage maps are my absolute favorite. Along with notebooks. Thank you so much.

  2. Yes, I have thoughts on it, but there's not in the 'shiny things' vein! Really, I can't see any justification for them lying to win the prize and I'm glad you monitor your readership! From maven to craven.

    However, I do hope some of the people who found you this way stay on and enjoy the blog!

  3. Congratulations LPC! You are one lucky person :)

    Hi Kate - just writing to let you know you are a winner too! Sorry to put it here - I couldn't find a link for your email. Get in touch with your postal address (my email is on my profile page) and I'll send your yummy paper pack :)

    Thanks for entering!

    Kylie x

  4. It is silly that people would feel they have to tell a lie to enter a giveaway. They really only need to say … ' Just came across your site, and wow — What a great find. And yes I will enter your giveaway.' Or something to that affect.

  5. Thanks Emjie and Alexandra - I wondered whether I was being a grouch to post that, but I agree: surely honesty is just always better? Thanks for your comments - I do appreciate that.


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