Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New house pics

Finally! The long weekend here gave me the chance to make some finishing touches to the house and I wanted to share a few progress pics. Lovely to actually move into a house in the US with furniture as opposed to last time when we had two suitcases and an air mattress!  The above is my favorite wall - finally, a gallery wall after years of blogging about other peoples'! I'll take some more up-close pics at some point if you're interested, but it's a refreshing feel after a pale wall of nothing these past few weeks.  And yes, these photos are terrible, but perhaps better than nothing? One day I'll get a camera and not a phone...
This is to the left of the wall, computer cords just to keep it real. We get really nice light through this window and a lovely breeze from the front door, too. It makes me unspeakably happy.

And the right of the wall - you can see the fireplace in the corner, which I'm still really working out what to do with.
Here's our gold-toothed walrus, our house spirit who keeps watch for us. Those are badly lit fairy lights in the hearth which we light at night.

 Our drinks table, and a very special sculpture to me by our good friend Oliver Tanner.

The lounge room. Much smaller than our old one, but cosy and sweet to me. Sorry - this one is a little blurry.

Hope you enjoyed a mini-tour! More to come in the coming weeks when I can work out how to photograph a bedroom :)


  1. Looking really good! I especially like the fireplace and the house spirit that watches over all of you

  2. LOVE LOVE *LOVE* all of this! It's all so dreamy, it's like so many wonderful things from Pinterest and Apartment Therapy decided to have a child. Gallery wall! Gorgeous throws and textures! Mr Walrus in centre stage! Thank you so much for sharing, hope you are enjoying some time kicking back, with breeze and mason-jared drink in hand. See you soon xxxx


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