Friday, October 25, 2013

New kitchen furniture

For a while we've been wanting to get some chairs and a table for our kitchen. More bench space, somewhere to sit and chat while making dinner, generally making the large kitchen a bit more of a congregation space. We settled on these ones - I am not in love with the table, but it's a good size and the chairs fit underneath really well which was a selling point. I'll try to take photos in the kitchen but the light is not spectacular so these might have to do.


  1. Even though, you don't love the table, the table + the stools have the merit to be practical... Gildas and I use the same mean to get advantage of our new little kitchen ! Unlike you I love our table but not our stools at all (inherited from our former student life!) !!!

  2. Love those stools! Good choice :)

  3. I think they will be so handy and it was a good idea to get a table high enough to put the stools under. Great choice!


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