Monday, May 13, 2013

Clutching at straws

I just don't go out enough to swanky events to justify such expensive clutches as these. But if I did, then I'd definitely have one. I love that they could go with most outfits and are a little different compared to the usual black purse.

I've thought a lot about what the things in my wardrobe are that I do/should spend a lot of money on and what I can get away with finding bargains for. And I realised it's almost the same theory that I use to think about how I decorate our apartment. The big things need to be invested in - an Eames chair or a good leather bag or pair of shoes will last and look fantastic for a long time. Then you can buy a cheap throw pillow or t shirt that is more of a trend item and know that you can change it out when stripes aren't cool anymore. (By the way - that will never happen. Stripes will always, especially if they're black and white, be cool).

So in short, no pricey clutches for me right now. BUt aren't they pretty?

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  1. You are right - these are really pretty. Probably not the staple investment pieces you are looking for but damn you'd make a statement


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