Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Daiso Love

Awesome plastic apple-shaped bowls in white and hot pink. These didn't come home with me, but they're pretty amazing.

There is a magical shop called Daiso. In Japan, it is a 100 Yen store, which means that everything is 100 Yen (about $1.20) and there are outlets all around the world - many of which, ahem, I have visited. It's basically a dollar store (although everything is about $1.50 in the US) but the quality is really high and the merchanise is very cute.

It's been super helpful for us as we get set up in a new country/house. Screwdrivers, tea towels, tea mugs, a can opener, coat hangers, drawer organisers, food storage containers, trays, shelf liners, cotton balls, wrapping paper, ribbon, stationery, stickers, dental floss, craft supplies, - basically things you don't want to spend a lot of money on, but want them to be cute and cheap. (Am I alone in wanting cute dental floss? Perhaps. And I'm ok with that.)

There's one in San Francisco, too. Oh, and it's walkable from my house...which is incredibly dangerous. I love visiting and thought I'd show you some of the things that make me giggle and /or purchase.

Teddy bear-shaped jars? And crazy amounts of baking supplies? I may have bought some gingerbread cutters for Christmas and a rolling pin.

I loved LOVED these plates, but decided that they may be slightly too effeminate for The Pal. But aren't they the best? There are also polka-dotted ones you can just make out on the lower shelf. Amazing. I still may go back and get them. A set of 6 would only set me back $9...

And perhaps the  cutest section of  all, the weird household sponges. Microfibre never looked better than as a pink or green apple, and looks at those ridic rabbit dust gloves. Amazing.Anyone else have a weird dollar store stalking obsession? I love seeing what you can get and there can be surprisingly useful trinkets there. Come on, de-lurk and tell me your secrets!


  1. My guilty pleasure is Tiger - the Scandinavian homewares/giftwares/shop of everything - incredible prices and most with the understated, quirky design that you associate with our Nordic friends!

    1. Oh gosh I'm sorry I know about Tiger. This is terrible news for my productivity/wallet... Thank you/no thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Those plates are so cute. We have something similar (with pricier goods) called Fit and they have the cutest stationery accessories

    1. Oooh, I'll keep my eyes out for Fit in my travels. I didn't ever take a picture of the stationery section, but it's pretty great at Daiso, too!


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