Monday, November 26, 2012

Dipped wooden boxes

One of the things about living in the US that's tricky is the feeling of everything being so attainable. Living in Sydney, one is very used to thinking "that website probably doesn't ship internationally" or worse, "that website charges $100 for shipping, so that's no bargain". But here, everything ships, often free and always fast. This is a problem. It makes me think I *need* most things, or at the least, should buy them because there may be a day that I can't! Ridic, I know. In the middle of these deep, consumerist musings: voila! Cute wooden boxes. They probably won't come home with me, but they're pretty to admire in the meantime.


  1. Oh my, Urban Outfitters is getting fancy

  2. Ahhh this is exactly how I feel! So dangerous. No Lorna, just because it ships for free you do not need pink nested tables in heart shapes.


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