Monday, September 17, 2012

House Progress VI

We finally made a trip to Costco and have managed to stock our enormous walk-in pantry  with supplies that will last us to the Apocalypse. Truly - I will never need to buy another tinned good, bottle of mineral water, paper towel or tube of toothpaste for about two years. Despite hating the Costco experience with a passion (too big! too overwhelming!), it feels good to be stocked up like this.

To-do list: (I'll be posting this weekly as a personal reminder of where we're up to - please feel free to ignore or to play along). Obviously much of this will cost a lot, so we'll do it over time, starting with the most urgent.

Get a new plug for the sink-
Line cupboards with non-adhesive mats-
Possibly get an eat-in table and chair or a centre butcher's block/workspace. (Going to wait a bit on this one)

Butler's Pantry
-Line shelves with non-adhesive mats-
Maybe get curtain to block the pantry from the kitchen? (or go crazy with a beaded curtain?) (Mixed responses to this last time! I'm leaving it in just for the record!)

-Put up shower curtain cotton liners-
Think about towel warmer/dryer? (Arrived! Toasty, toasty bathroom with dry towels).

-Buy a sideboard to house linen and to use as more bench space for the bathroom.
-Buy a washing basket
-Buy a clothes rack
-Maybe buy a plant for the sideboard when we have it. (Got one for my birthday! Thanks AB!)

-Buy a mattress
-Buy a bed base
-Buy new, darker curtains
-Buy wall hooks for the picture rails

-Line drawers with paper liners

Dining Room/2nd Bedroom
-Research and buy an airbed and linen and guest towels
-Buy dining table
-Buy dining chairs
-Buy rug (this is a lease condition)

Lounge room
-Buy couch (ordered but not arrived)
-Buy coffee table
-Buy rug
-Buy a large plant - maybe a Fiddle Fig?
-Buy small desk for this space
-Buy a chair/stool, too
-Buy a desk lamp
-Buy thicker curtains for the front windows
-Buy a lamp
-Buy a cabinet for electronic cords/wires

-Buy a rug (runner style) - this is a lease condition

-Placemats for hot things on dining table
-Polish up dining table
-Vacuum cleaner/Mop + bucket
-Sewing machine (eventually!)
-Braun kitchen blender/chopper

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  1. You are totally putting my pantry to shame. I have NO food in it and am not prepared for hurricane season at all


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