Thursday, August 30, 2012

Drinks Carts

Even though we're supposed to be focusing on getting the essentials for our house at the moment (read: very boring and necessary things like hallway runners and a bed), I have been inexplicably drawn to super fun and completely indulgent bar carts. I'm not even a huge drinker, but the Pal and I have become obsessed with the idea of having one, and entertaining our friends in every room of the house. (Friends: a bar cart has wheels!) They're not inexpensive, and I think you'd probably need to buy the cart first before all the accessorising,  but gosh I've been dreaming about these ones.


  1. It's like you are reading my mind! I have been obsessing about getting one for months and have been scouring auction houses! These ones are to die for!

  2. You MUST meet Fran when you are next in Melbourne. She has had a bar cart for about a year now and it's the cornerstone of all her decorating! Once you get it you can collect vintage Campari ice-buckets, deer-horn bottle openers and 50s shakers to adorn it - according to Fran that's what a bar cart is largely for. That and red + white striped straws.

  3. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! Kate you are so right. I have just moved house and the first thing I have done is set up a bar cart.

    I shall send you pictures on email. This is so ridiculously exciting. fran xoxo

  4. Once again, could not have read this at a better time. Have just packed up the nigh insane collection of bottles to take to the new flat (obscure liqueurs from baking, Andy's habit of picking up souvenirs from Duty Free- we have more Austrian digestifs than one should possibly own. A bar cart would be PERFECT. Will begin the hunt.


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