Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Flavour Thesaurus

I'm back today from celebrating the wedding of a dear friend and her lovely man. I saw this book some time ago and thought it would be the perfect present for a big-time foodie: it's all about how two different flavours go together, much like two people in a marriage.
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  1. oh we have that one at home Kate, it is really so beautifully made

  2. This was my favourite Christmas present. I love it desperately. It's fun to take a little twirl now and then (it's how we ended up eating pork cooked in milk, with lemon and coffee- sounds odd, but in the thesaurus, and real life, it all works)

  3. Thank you for this gorgeous snippet of lunchtime inspiration! I must have this book. (My amazon account should consider itself warned.)


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