Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Help Japan

Like most of us, I've been deeply upset by the earthquake in Japan. I've donated to the Red Cross appeal (which my work gift-matches, effectively doubling my donation, which is amazing). In case you're feel like helping the beautiful country, the artful Swedish photographer Hilda Grahnat has set up a shop called 'Help Japan' which sells some of her prints and postcards. I'd thoroughly recommend donating or buying some of her prints: you are both helping Japan, and supporting a beautiful artist at the same time.
Image from our incredible trip to Japan in 2009.


  1. I love not only that you donated, but also that your workplace matched it. I donated to Red Cross this week as well :)

    So many people talk about how tragic it is... but can't seem to spare a dime. In my opinion, that in itself is tragic :(

  2. Thank you for sending me to this lovely site. I purchased a print. AND I've already donated. God bless those people!

  3. I love this photo from your trip: what a find! Well composed! Thanks for the tips re donations, too. x


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