Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sofa Tray

I have been really trying to track one of these down: anyone have any ideas? This one is from etsy, and they're not selling them anymore. I just adore the idea, and we're in need of one for our couch. Or any DIY tips?!


  1. Fabulous idea - I love it! Sorry I can't help with any suggestions but maybe you could have your own made up... It's really just heat-moulded ply or something, isn't it? Good luck! Kx

  2. Oh my! This has rocked my world, for serious.
    No idea how you'd make it, but maybe you could ask Bobby over Christmas?

  3. If you can cope with having a perspex one you can take measurements to a plastic fabricator and get one custom made: and perspex comes in lots of different colours...


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