Monday, September 27, 2010

Back again!

Dear Internets,
I'm sorry I haven't been around much. It turns out that wedding planning and starting a new job is a somewhat lethal recipe for your blog. No complaints - life is good, but things are certainly falling through the cracks a bit. Recently I forgot three friends' birthdays (and I pride myself on remembering things like that!) which was a bit mortifying. Anyway, I'm back, and I'm trying to get back on the blog wagon, but things might be a little slow for now.
Love Kate


  1. Kate ou le tourbillon de la vie ! Enjoy !! xxx

  2. Enjoy all the excitement in your life, blogging can take a backseat, anyway you're always leading me to sites where I end up buying stuff ;-)

  3. Hi There! I love these images :) I've been following your blog for over a year now, but just formally signed up! I was looking around for some fun Christmas gift projects and found this:
    I thought you might like 'em!
    George M. Pants

  4. Hello!
    Are the friends with forgotten-birthdays on (gulp)... Facebook?
    Like this pic very much


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