Sunday, July 4, 2010

1900s Russia

These images of pre-Revolution Russia just blew me away. It's hard to imagine that less than twenty years later my own grandparents were born. This was a world which had seen no world wars and by the looks of it, was a pretty fertile small economy. (By the way, is it wrong to fantasise about this guy's fabric collection? He colour-co-ordinates! A pre-Revolution dreamboat!)

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  1. Oh wow! These photos are an amazing find Kate... and those textiles! Just fabulous. Kx

  2. Aren't they incredible? The colours are so vivid. Glad you liked them, Kylie!

  3. The Retronaut is a gold mine!

    And of course you would pick the colour co-ordination ;)

  4. Kate, I was absolutely fascinated by these. I went through your link and looked at all the photos on the site and then read a bit more about how they were produced as I couldn't get over how crisp and colourful the shots were (Answer: glass plates transferred to colour images using new digital technology call digichromatography. Wow.)

    I don't know if it's the quality, or the fact that rural scenes don't change so much, but I could easily have been convinced these photos were much much more recent.


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